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Be like the Orang, skate like the Orang.
tru raptors fan
A deer alone in the woods…
scotland is keepin’ it weekISO 400 Arista Premium on an Olympus OM-40all of these developed and printed in my shitty basement
The beginning of a big adventure
Final project for core this year for an article on dependance on natural resources in canadian industry.Your dingus below
Huge huge year in so many ways. Made leaps in terms of confidence in style and other shit after all that garbage first semester. Huge callouts to my friends/class and to pete for being patient and inspiring some good ass work.Working with serious dudes who know what they do and had real expectations on what a drawing should be was major bueno. Probably the biggest thing I realized though, was to stop comparing myself to the successful people actually working in the industry - it’s okay to get inspired by them but in know way am I even near their level. I think its time though to try and meet some more successful people though. I think it’s time to steal like no one’s business. 
A shitty scan from my first negs in 4 years! A worried mom, a comfy dad, a large cat and a lazy dog.com